Honor Domestic Work is a story collection and gift-giving project to celebrate the people who work in our homes and who support us and our families.

April is Care Workers Recognition Month. We invite you to participate in this tangible and joyous way to bring attention to the inherent value of domestic work.

Honor Domestic Work poster by Micah Bazant

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This poster entitled, “I Deeply Appreciate Your Work,” by Micah Bazant, has been designed as a way to show appreciation for those who support us with their caregiving and domestic work.

This poster is a way to show our appreciation to the people in our lives who do the work that goes unrecognized— caring for our children and loved ones, keeping our homes clean, managing household details like grocery lists, cooking, repairs, appointments, and the everyday essential that we need to care for ourselves, our families and communities.

Who is someone you appreciate for their work in your home? How have they made a difference your life?

“Highlighting our appreciation for domestic workers and caregivers, who have for too long been treated as invisible, is a crucial step to transforming our values as a society, and undoing the legacy of systemic racism and sexism that have left this workforce without rights and protections. This poster is a beautiful way to show that appreciation.” — Ai-jen Poo, Executive Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

Stories of Appreciation

All across the country, people are telling their stories of appreciation for the caregivers and domestic workers in their lives.

When you share your story with us, we’ll send you a free poster by Bay Area artist Micah Bazant.