Susan Barbash, Eric, Ani and Jonah Katz, honor Keara for the fun, care and all that she gave their family

Keara lived with our family during summer vacations and took care of me from ages 6-12. She was like the super cool older sister or cousin that I never had. She was incredibly vivacious and outgoing, and could be an antidote to my anxious and reserved personality. We were part of a beach community that held a dance every Labor Day. She knew all the current dance moves, and would make up funny dances to do with us. Some of my favorite memories with her are the times we got to spend one-on-one, the times I’d get to stay over at her apartment and hang out with her and her friends. Just hanging out with her made me feel special, like I was getting a window into an exciting adult world. She gave me and my family so much.