Susan honors Lina her caregiver, she has a special touch

Lina is the most loving, kind caregiver I’ve ever met. She has a special touch. She must have been a great mother because all her kids love her, honor her and admire her. Her touch is so kind, loving and warm. Matt brought me a little kitten and she has taken to the cat and cares for her. Now the cat follows her around and cries when she is not here. She is really quite special. I can’t even explain it. It is in her touch- it is maternal and kind. I can see why her kids love her so much. She laughs all the time and it starts in her belly and spreads around the room. People are drawn to Lina and animals too. Everyone who comes in contact with her, love her immensely and so do I. I had a stroke and that has meant that I need to have caregivers and that has meant I have gotten to know Lina and for that I am grateful. She is also beautiful – with long straight black hair. When Lina comes to the house- my whole mood and the whole mood of the house changes. Everything goes so well when she is here. She is on top of everything- my appointments (I am a therapist). She takes such good care of me and she has become a good cook. Her husband did all the cooking. I’ve given her some lessons and she’s developed her own recipes. For example tonight we had roasted pork, mashed potatoes, a green salad, broccoli and green beans. She has been learning how to bake too. For Thanksgiving we made a pumpkin pie together. She is smart, inventive and creative and willing to try new things. She also crochets, so she is always working with her hands. If she isn’t working for me, she is crocheting something. She’s working on this blue and white square with a rose shaped flower in the center. She’s become quite adept at using YouTube and other phone apps and she always is learning something new or trying something new. She is like a scientist, and inventor. She’s like an angel that has come to stay at our house part of the week.